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I can’t help but notice inconsistencies while watching movies and TV shows. I wish I didn’t notice… because it bugs me when I do, and then I can’t pretend it’s okay and believable. The way a person’s hair is swept across their face or shoulders, how much soup is in their bowl… when it doesn’t match up throughout a scene due to different camera angles and editing, non-continuity. Phooey.

If we are to buy into the scene of a film, and hopefully get sucked in for the duration… to stir our emotions as if these people on screen are real people, feeling real pain, or whatever emotion they intend to elicit from us… it has to seem real. I find it difficult to stay in it while details (or due to someone’s lack of attention to) are distracting… pulling me away from their dialogue, inserting a record scratch, skip into my head, so to speak.

When things just don’t make sense, I get annoyed at myself for allowing the “this or that” to yank me out of the movie. One example that comes to mind is a scene in “The Notebook.” It is summer on the South Carolina coast, yet it is so cold that you can see the breath of the actors as they speak! Now, how can I believe they are strolling along on a hot summer night below the Mason-Dixon? Dang you obvious physics for taunting me. Anachronisms are all over the place since the film is supposed to take place in the 40’s. Continuity issues are rampant. It kind of turns into a game.

I know there are people on set paid to take notice of these things while filming, and then there is the art of editing. The way most films are shot these days, editing makes or breaks the whole biscuit. If more takes have to be done,  dude needs to begin eating a new sandwich (but not too new). Homegirl’s hair doesn’t need to randomly switch from curly/poofy to straight/flat. The candle needs to burn at a reasonable rate, comparable with the pace of the conversation, and in sync with filming. Is that asking so much?

(Ooh, have to add one I just thought of… I mean this is really old but each time I watch “The Wizard of Oz”, I can’t help but twitch a little as the length of Dorothy’s hair magically grows and shrinks by 5 inches or so, in the same scene.) 

I think I missed my calling. I would kick ass.

I called attention to “The Notebook” above because it is easy to pick on. I could list others, but it would be more fun if you all would add your observations from other films. Anyone? (If only one person participates, I’m expecting Julie.)


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