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Bundled up in my warmest clothes and wrapped in my yellow blankee with bunnies. My first big snow. I am not 100% sure of the year, but it must have been 1979 or 1980. Snow stacked at least to the knee of a tall adult. We lived at the bottom of a hill and my grandparents situated at the peak. My father carried me while my mom toted my little sis to trek up the hill to grandma and grandpa’s house. My first memory of snow.

The biggest snow of my life thus far fell when I was around 11 years old.  My sister and I were living in Charlotte with my mom and we knew that wasn’t the place to take advantage of the winter wonderland. We convinced my mom to drive us to our Aunt Tammie’s house so we could do some serious sledding. Within a few miles of Tammie’s home was a place called “The Tickle Hills”… which was in fact a long dirt road with crazy steep hills! There was woods on either side of the road with gulleys between. During the day, we went with the family, including grandparents and cousins, to take on the hills. Someone had the bright idea of placing my grandma on a saucer sled! Having no way to steer, she didn’t make it but a few feet down the hill before shooting off the road, launching airborne, and jumping the ditch. I remember the moment of “Uh-oh, there goes grandma!” The saucer slid up part of a tree trunk before coming to a halt and dumping my grandma out upside down. We couldn’t breathe! She wasn’t injured. We laughed until we cried!  She was done. No more rides for grandma. We kind of lost her trust in the activity.

After dark, my sis and I returned to the sledding site with my aunt and her husband. He parked the trucks at the bottom of the hill with the headlights beaming up and 80’s music blaring from the speakers. The light did not reach the top, so we started off in the dark. My aunt would lie on the flyer and I would lie on top of her. This made for less stability and probably contributed to the many times we wrecked. We couldn’t make it all the way to the bottom… we would get shaky, lose control, spin out, and go flying in different directions, screaming and laughing through the icy air. Then it happened. We bolted down the hill at top speed, quickly approaching the trucks at the bottom. I don’t think it had occurred to us that we may get that far, and we did not have a plan for stopping or what to do when about to collide with the vehicles. The trucks were parked closely together, it was a narrow road afterall. Tammie kept screaming, “Just hold on, don’t wobble!” She steadied the sled, kept on a straight path, and we sailed in between the trucks at top speed! Scary! Great rush and FUN!

1995 – The first snow for Precious, Black Mountain, NC. She was about 5 months old. We rented a private cabin and was snowed in for days. The most fun was watching Precious run around the side of the mountain, kicking up snow, eating snow, spinning,  jumping, and  prancing around like she was a furry ice princess. Her tags became coated with snow and she ended up wearing a frozen snow ball around her neck. I had to make her go inside. She just couldn’t get enough!

The first snow for Sebastian when he was a puppy. He was between 4-5 months old. It snowed at our house and he didn’t know how he should walk in it. He kept leaping in and out of it, much like a deer. I wish I had a video. He loved that it was cold, would move, could be kicked and eaten!

The last snow for Sebastian, 2009. Last year it snowed several inches near the end of January. Sebastian had not been as active in the months leading up to the snow. He had turned 9 the previous August and his joints wouldn’t allow him to be as playful and bouncy as in his younger days. Well, when he walked out the door into the snow, the puppy was back! He immediately started shoveling it into his big mouth, and then ran down the stairs from the deck into the yard and started kicking up his feet and bouncing around like a bunny or deer like he had when he was a pup. His eyes were wide and googly with excitement! I went out in the yard and began throwing snow up in the air. He was ecstatic! He would jump up and to catch the flakes in his mouth, and then he would patiently sit and quietly request that I do it again. When he really wanted something, he could have amazing manners (or rather offer a polite way of being bossy). He ran around the yard with me, my other dog (his plutonic girlfriend) Mica, and tried to find every way he could to use the snow, enjoy the snow, play with the snow… and he was the happiest dog. A short 6 weeks later, his legs couldn’t carry him anymore and I had to say goodbye. I am so thankful he had those last moments of celebrating life!


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